The Road Defender | Universal


If you struggle to find the right spot to carry your firearm while riding your bike, hiking or other outdoor activities we might have the solution for you. The brand new “ROAD DEFENDER”

We basically converted a standard product into something unique, safe and very practical.
For months we have been out there riding many test kilometres to improve the product. That’s why we ended up with quite a number of great features which are based on practical experience.

We are aware that people must trust a product 100% before riding high speed with a firearm exposed. That’s why our main focus was from the beginning on a robust and practical design. Firstly we reinforce the back of the product to get a stable foundation. Then we mount the holster on a solid piece of aluminium in order to archive a 16° degrees cant. That makes the setup rock solid. The cant allows the carrier to draw the gun more naturally and faster. Next to the gun holster, we included a spare magazine pouch that has a universal fit.

If you look closely at the product you notice that we strongly believe that the riding position of the bag can’t be the same as the walking position. The high walking position won’t allow access to the firearm in an appropriate time frame when sitting. That is why we made the belt straps adjustable and secure the high carry position with the latest technology clips. The carrier is able to change the bag position with little effort and according to the actual circumstances. The leg strap is adjustable as well and is equipped with a 4 layer elastic which allows a comfortable carry experience. In case you don’t carry a belt with your riding pants, the product comes with a belt that can be carried in the waist area.


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